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One of the problems with UX Portfolios is the desire to make them shiny and to make them current and show only the very latest projects.

Mine isn’t particularly shiny, there are some polished UIs but only those I had a hand in guiding, it also has a lot of old projects.

Why? UX is dirty, it’s scrappy and messy, it isn’t often polished until the last moment. Shiny is for UI portfolios. If you’re looking for UI design with added UX, this isn’t the page for you. A UX portfolio is the thinking arising from research results, the process of making rough, service and product designs out of test results and is often scribbled on a PostIt note rather than being in a 600-page functional spec.. If I’m honest it’s also because shiny hides a great deal of problems, it might look like a mighty eagle but if it soars like a turkey it’s not great UX. I know, I started my creative career producing the shiny, shiny, oh so shiny and oh the tales I could tell.

So why not new? Well a lot of the work I do, especially the big projects, are still in development, some are covered by some seriously scary legal NDAs and some are not in the public domain, but over and above all that new it isn’t necessary. The UX process, it’s deliverables are well established and the processes I went through years ago when working, for example, on the early version of the Barclays Mobile Banking are just as valid, still relevant as the processes I use today when working on the Nationwide Banking App. The underlying tech changes, yes. Approaches to UI design change, absolutely, finding out what people want from both of those and discovering what they need from the product, service or brand that utilises them, that doesn’t change that much. Humans habven't changed that much is millions of years, solutions must adapt to us, not the other way around/

In these pages I tell the story of how and what I did and just as importantly why I did it, good and bad. Where diplomacy allows I’ll also say why I didn’t do certain things as well, even if they may have resulted in better results.