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UX is about people, how they think, why they think, how they react and interact, why they react; below are links to several articles I've written that should illustrate exactly what I think and why.

I hope you find them interesting or at least entertaining.


Lean UX? Agile UX? Just what are they and are they different?

Some will argue that the terms are synonyms or just a rebrand of old thinking. I can understand that point of view but I can’t agree and to illustrate why, and to show the processes that I've successfully used many time, let me show the differences.


How to spot the common or garden UX

There are a lot of people who 'do' UX, there are a lot of places looking for UX, which is great, but the problem is they're actually not and there a lot of square pegs in round holes. So how do you know the difference? In this article I try to seperate the differences between designing for a product or UI and designing for an experience.


Recruitment Agencies suck at finding UX Designers.

An unashamedly clickbait title, but one that has found great acceptance amongst recruiters. Put simply what it is that recruiters need to know about the UX market before hitting the job boards.


So you want to be a UX

If you are considering becoming a UX, or just want to find out more about it, this is the place to start.


Pure UX

What is it a UX does? What is it we do that goes beyond 'common sense' that actually makes what we do valuable? In this post I'll try to explain.


The value of UX Research

Usability testing is just a small part, possibly the easiest part, of user research but the real value comes long before you get to that stage. This article illustrates the differences



Offline Portfolio.

I'll be the first to admit that this is a little dated but if you feel a burning desire to view my portfolio offline this PDF will allow you to do so.

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Offline CV

This site is my CV, but naturally it can't be stored on a database, for those of my clients who want an easily viewable CV, this is all yours. Usual GDPR applies, I do not give permission for any identifiable details to be passed to third-parties, nor do I opt-in to any mass emails.

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