About Me

I'm Bob Powell, a User Experience Consultant based in the UK. I'm married and have two young sons. I relocated to North Somerset, on the edge of Weston-super-Mare, in 2017 and now work mainly in the South West of the UK, with occasional visits to London and the Midlands. I'm a science aficionado, with a fascination with both Cosmology and Quantum Physics and of course for the more human sciences of psychology and social interaction. I'm a part time artist - you can't live on the coast and not be inspired to be creative - and if I don't have my head stuck in a book, or have my hands covered in paint, you can find me being Dad on the beach or just walking through the amazing countryside that we're surrounded with.

My Experience

I've been a UX since before the term was coined. I've worked with global brands and small start-ups, I've worked across so many different markets that I can't even remember them all. I've worked alone, as a team member, and have lead teams. I've created UX departments and have drawn-up best-practice and UX strategy guidelines for organisations, large and small.

Usability is an obsession and I set up Usability By Design to bring that drive to a market that even today largely misunderstands the depth and breadth of the UX discipline. When it comes to UX I'm an unapologetic evangelist and I'm pleased to say I've managed to change the perception of many organisations and people as to what UX really is and have left them reaping the benefits because of it. I've enjoyed every new project, every new challenge, every new client - even the incredibly frustrating ones - and as both the industry and importance of the UX discipline have grown I wouldn't change either my working life or my family life for the world.