Welcome to Usability By Design

An introduction to the User Experience consultancy work of Bob Powell.


I've been doing this for decades, since before the term UX was coined, and if I was to list every client and every system that I had worked with the list would be way too long to be of any real use and, frankly, by the time you got to the end, hopelessly out of date.
I have though been very lucky and have worked with some very big names and some very, very big systems. Hit any of the pictures to see a list of what I personally consider the highlights of the past 10-15 years or so, with associated notes and URL's.


Land Rover




Lloyds TSB


Here you'll find examples of my work with explanations of how and why I went about solving particular problems.
Please note: This isn't a comprehensive collection just example of various elements and projects I've worked on, showing the scope of my work and the process behind it.

About Me

I'm Bob Powell, a User Experience Consultant based in the UK. I'm married and have two young sons. I live in Bleadon in North Somerset, on the edge of Weston-super-Mare, and work mainly out of London, the South West and the Midlands. I'm a science aficionado, with a fascination for both Cosmology and Quantum Physics and of course for the more human sciences of psychology and social interaction. Usability is my passion and I set up Usability By Design seven years ago when traditional UI design simply wasn't enough for me anymore and I needed my work life to be as rewarding and challenging as my family life. I've enjoyed every new project, every new challenge, every new client it has bought me and as both the industry and importance of the UX discipline have grown I wouldn't change either my working life or my family life for the world.


If you want to contact me, for any reason, please use the form below. I can't promise to get back to you straight away, I can promise I will get back to you.