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Human Solutions for Service and Product Problems

User experience design starts long before pixel meets screen, in fact pixel doesn't have to meet screen for a good user experience. How do your customers use your services or products? How do they feel about your brand? Do they find your content useful as well as usable? How do you know? Everyone has an opinion, but how do you know what opinions are valid and which are going to hurt your organisation's relationship with your customers?

That's where people like me get involved, I've spent the best part of my life helping to create product, service and brand engagement models that place the end user at the centre of the decision making process. These aren't matters of opinion, these are tried, tested and successful ways of quantifying qualitative information. These process are used by some of the biggest household names in the world but there's no secret to them and I've introduced best practices to large and small companies all of whom have benefited. More importantly they've benefitted because their end users have benefitted.

This is Usability By Design and I'm Bob Powell.

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